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carto:net @ web.mapping.2003

This year's "web.mapping" conference took place at the Hasso–Plattner–Institute in Potsdam (Germany) on November 20/21. Different carto:net authors put together a presentation – Nicole Ueberschär hold the presentation.

SVG for web cartography – recent developments and the future

Dipl.–Ing. (FH) Georg Held
SVG Freelancer, Nördlingen
Mag. Andreas Neumann
Institute of Cartography, ETH Zürich
Mag. André M. Winter
Tirol Atlas, Department of Geography, University of Innsbruck
Dipl.–Ing. (FH) Nicole Ueberschär
Labor für Kartenredaktion und –gestaltung, University of Applied Science TFH Berlin


SVG, the open standard for the representation of twodimensional vector graphics, text and images, is currently taking roots in the networking world. The XML based markup language offers, in particular for webmapping, extensive benefits. At the beginning, the presentation will offer up to date basic informations on SVG and try to answer questions like "How and in which direction will SVG evolve in the future?" We will explain methods of operation, constitution and the current status of the W3C SVG working group, which is currently intensely working on the new SVG 1.2 Recommendation. A short overview of current SVG implementations illustrates a broad support from both commercial vendors and Open Source groups.

Furthermore we will present impressions from the second annual SVG.Open developers conference in Vancouver, July 2003. A group of dedicated cartographers examined the current SVG1.1 standard and worked on a proposal to extend future SVG versions to even better meet cartographic requirements. A resulting "wishlist" was presented and debated in a panel discussion and handed over to the W3C SVG working group. Parts of the wishlist already found its ways in the current SVG 1.2 working draft.

The second part of the presentation will showcase interesting features of the existing SVG specification and implementations and will demonstrate several webmapping projects. We will partially elaborate on concepts and implementation of these projects to show used during the implementation of SVG projects to show reasonable and optimal use of SVG within webmapping. "SVG Scenarios" will additionally pose new ideas and discuss the feasibility of SVG in webmapping applications. One application will showcase how to generate SVG presentations out of existing GML data.

The third and last part of the presentation will showcase new features of the SVG1.2 specification, using the available Adobe SVG viewer 6 pre-alpha release. Amongst the numerous new possibilities, SVG developers will especially like the new textwrapping features within arbitrary shapes, the standardised use of Audio and Video in SVG, multipage, streaming support and finally RCC (Rendering Custom Content). RCC allows to define re-usable XML elements that can be used similar to "prototypes" in VRML. The SVG viewer can read the higher level RCC elements and replace them with lower level SVG content, applying templates and scripting behaviour. Cartographers could for example define a reusable RCC scalebar and legend as well as SVG based GUI elements.

Examples of the new features

Download of the complete archive:
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URL Sources mentioned in the presentation

Carto:net Page accompanying the web–mapping presentation
URL03 Corel Smart Graphics
Corel Press Room – Oracle and Corel to Provide Open Standard Content Solutions
Cartographic Wishlist
SVG Example Türlersee
URL21 Adobe SVG Viewer 6 pre–alpha


HELD G., NEUMANN A., UEBERSCHÄR N., WINTER Á.M., 2003: SVG für die Webkartographie – Aktuelles und Zukünftiges, in: Proceeding zum Webmapping Symposium 2003, Potsdam.

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