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SVG Plugin Switcher for Corel SVG Viewer 2.1, Adobe SVG Viewer 3.01 and Adobe SVG Viewer 6 pre-alpha

In order to create a broad test environment for SVG developers, it is a common requirement being able to switch between different SVG plug-ins in a fast and easy way. The demand for an SVG switch is even higher, since several different browser plug-ins and versions are now available. Developers want to e.g. develop production SVG in Adobe ASV3, while testing new features in the new alpha release ASV6 or Corels viewer.

A small batch file allows the user to switch between SVG plug-in's. It makes system calls to the DLLs of the SVG viewers, that register themselves as the default SVG handler in the Windows registry. Because this batch file doesn't require a Visual Basic or other programming environment and doesn't need to be compiled, changes, e.g. for different path configurations or new plugin versions, can be done very quickly.

Download the switcher

Right-click, save ...
SVG Switcher

How to prepare for the SVG Switcher?

First of all you have to remove every single SVG plug-in. After that, install the plug-ins in the correct order:

  1. Corel SVG Viewer 2.1
  2. Adobe SVG Viewer 6 pre-alpha
  3. Adobe SVG Viewer 3.01
After installing the viewers, please locate the following plug-in files on your harddrive (use ctrl+f for searching!):

Modifiy the batch file's path values by comparing the pathes. This is needed, because different Windows systems and various language settings are not storing files in the same pathes! In order to register the different DLL files, the batch process is using regsvr32.exe. Please check these pathes as well!

How to use the Switcher?

Close all Internet Explorer windows. Run the modified batch file by double-clicking on it. Select your plug-in and open the browser again. The closing action has to be done before every selection. If everything goes fine, the plug-ins are switched now. If you use it very often, you can place a shortcut to the batch-file in the taskbar.

This predefined version was tested on Win2000 and WinXP, german versions.


Problems sometimes occur by switching between ASV3.01 and ASV 6 pre-alpha and reverse. This issue occurs, because of probably some registry entries I am not aware of. Please do not change or remove any values, if you are not familiar with editing the registry!

The Switcher has only been tested with MS Internet Explorer.

This software comes with no warranty that it is working properly and does not corrupt your system!

OTHER AVAILABLE SVG SWITCHER: Richard Bennett: Visual Basic Plug-In Switcher Application

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