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Interactive and animated population pyramids

Starting from the initiative of Alan Smith (National Statistics, UK) and later Michael Neutze (Federal Statistics Office, Germany) the federal statistics offices of the three countries UK, Germany and Norway have presented their population pyramids on the web in a innovative way, utilising SVG's interactivity and animation features.

The population pyramids show past and current data, but also project into the future, using different population projection scenarios. The users can interact with the graphics (show specific data about a selected age-group), partially influence the appearance and can select a base year, using a time slider. Finally the population pyramids can be animated. The offices would like to have your feedback and comments on possible improvements (see their project sites for feeback addresses).

The Tirolatlas team has it's own approach of interactive population pyramids. See below. screenshot uk population pyramid

UK population pyramid ( | screenshot german population pyramid

German population pyramid (,templateId=renderPrint.psml">project website | direct links to SVG files (,templateId=renderSvg,property=svg.null |,templateId=renderSvg,property=svg.null)

screenshot Tirolatlas population pyramid

Population pyramid of the Tirolatlas project ( |

Examples provided by Alan Smith (National Statistics, UK), Michael Neutze (Federal Statistics Office, Germany), Klaus Foerster (Tirolatlas Team) and others

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